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Singer Island, Florida:  articles and other feature stories from around our community:

Recycling – a Gift to Future Generations
by County Vice Mayor Hal Valeche

There are many ways we can give to others. Whether it is volunteering time with a non-profit organization, donating to causes that help people in need, supporting our veterans, or simply spending an hour with a senior citizen who lives alone, your efforts enhance the quality of life in our community. One gift we can make to help protect our environment for future generations is recycling.

The county’s Solid Waste Authority (SWA) has been leading the way for more than 25 years in providing convenient and efficient services that preserve our natural resources. Their programs rely on your participation, and while you are probably very aware of what goes in your yellow and blue bins, you may not be as familiar with what everyday items are considered household hazardous waste and their proper recycling methods. This includes a variety of products such as computers, electronics, batteries, cell phone batteries, gas cans, propane tanks, pesticides, fluorescent bulbs, flares, thermometers, used cooking oil, and paint.

The Home Chemical and Recycling Centers (HCRC) located at SWA’s Transfer Stations and Jog Road Campus are one-stop drop-off sites for both home chemicals and regular recyclable items. In North County, there is an unattended HCRC at 14185 Military Trail (SWA Road) in Jupiter. The center at 6161 N. Jog Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33412 is attended.

This disposal service is for Palm Beach County residents only and there is no cost for normal quantities for home chemicals, which are limited at the un-staffed sites to 125 pounds or 15 gallons. Larger amounts can be accepted at the staffed facilities on Jog Road.

A complete list of materials accepted can be found at https://fl-swa.civicplus.com/174/Hazardous-Products-in-Your-Home.

Additionally, many big box stores and larger retail chains accept certain materials like rechargeable batteries, used oil, cell phones and electronics; and, of course, there are numerous local organizations that will gladly accept your donations of usable clothing and accessories, appliances, toys and furniture.
If we all take steps to further our recycling efforts, we can reduce the amount of waste that must be placed in landfills for disposal, while being environmentally and fiscally responsible.

I wish you good health and prosperity in 2016, and as always, if there is any way I can assist you, please contact me at (561)355-2201 or by email at hvaleche@pbcgov.org.

More High-Tech Jobs on the Horizon

By: Commissioner Hal R. Valeche

The Board of County Commissioners is committed to attracting new industries to continue diversifying the local economy, and I am pleased to inform you of an exciting new economic development project planned in our community.

United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a Fortune 50 firm and world leader in aviation, aerospace, and high-technology systems and solutions - better known locally through its companies Pratt & Whitney and Sikorsky Aircraft - is enlarging its footprint in Northern Palm Beach County.
Just last month, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced UTC’s plans to invest $115 million to construct a new headquarters for its Building and Industrial Systems division on 30 acres within the Briger tract, which is located along the south side of Donald Ross Road, just east of I-95.

The new 250,000-square-foot “UTC Center for Intelligent Buildings” is to serve as a worldwide showcase for new building technologies including innovations in security, heating, refrigeration, ventilation and elevators to promote safer, smarter and sustainable buildings. The creation of 380 full-time jobs is planned within six years at an average wage of $85,000. According to an analysis conducted by the county, the project is estimated to have a five-year economic impact of $662 million.

United Technologies’ presence in the county has spanned over 50 years, and since 2012, UTC has also undertaken large expansions in its engine testing and aviation manufacturing operations, with a combined capital investment of more than $98 million. These expansion projects will generate more than 350 additional full-time jobs during the next eight years.

Palm Beach County has come a long way from a mainly tourism and agriculture economy. Companies have recognized the benefits of doing business in this community and appreciate the county’s commitment to build a diverse and sustainable economy. Along with a favorable tax structure, we also enjoy unparalleled amenities that contribute to a high quality of life. As more industries make their home here, we increase opportunities for our residents to gain employment at competitive salaries in a variety of fields.

If I can be of assistance to you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact my office at (561) 355-2201 or by email at hvaleche@pbcgov.org.

Sober Homes, Rehabs and related stories about businesses on and around Singer Island:

An interesting CBS TV channel 12 report from Jonathan Beaton on the proliferation of Sober Homes - CBS12 - thank you Jonathan and CBS 12 for shining a light on this issue!

Here is an interesting report posted on ripoffreport.com from what appears to be a recent visitor to our Isand ...and their (alleged) complaint about a Singer Island rehab business: American Addiction..Singer Island Fear Insomnia Misrepresentation Lack of any kind of - from Ripoff Report - American Addiction...Singer Island Complaint Review: American Addiction..Singer Island Fear Insomnia Misrepresentation Lack of any kind of respect.  (Here is another report from 2013) - American Addiction Center AKA Singer Island Facility Abruptly closing of out patient facility West Palm Beach Florida

[ RipOffReport.com is a great place for these types of complaints.  If you are reading this and have had similar experiences - I recommend using it.   If you are a local or visitor that has had a good OR bad experience with a local business or municipality (of any kind: hotel, restaurant, rehab, sober home, etc) on Singer Island ...please email me the info and I will post it on SIP'news for discussion in the hopes that we can all learn about our wonderful commUNITY. ]

City of Riviera Beach Resources, Budget Allocations ...and how they are spread across the 4 Districts of Riviera Beach (4/14/2015):

I've lived on Singer Island as a resident of Riviera Beach for 16 years.  I've heard and seen a lot of finger pointing.  I'm a big fan of this area and I thinks it's important to get some real numbers and perspectives on the table.  Maybe that might help in avoiding finger pointing and possibly help us all work together to be sure the entire city moves forward in the right direction (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness).

I can share that I've met a lot of people from every corner of this city over the years and I can't think of one that hasn't voiced their concern over the future of our area.  I'm going to start diving into the City of Riviera Beach to take a close look at where & how money comes in, and then where it is spent, just for fun. 

While the city lists a population between 34,000 and 50,000+ (in various reports and printed literature). The Fitch Rating company is using 32,000 water and utility accounts within the city limits in their current bond ratings; so let's use 34,000 as a baseline. 

We know the city (according to the United States Census Bureau), has a total area of 9.8 square miles (25 km2). 8.3 square miles (21 km2) of it is land and 1.5 square miles (3.9 km2) of it (15.33%) is water The City is divided into 4 districts (view map) and 4 elected district council members.  There is a 5th at large district with a 5th elected council person, and also a ceremonial mayor's position.  Each city council person and mayor get an annual stipend of $19,000/yr, along with an assistant and other benefits that total roughly $100,000 per year, per council member (and mayor) this is approximately $500,000 per year for the board (see numbers below).  Interestingly enough, those most or all of these council members also sit on the CRA district and Utility district boards, so I'll dig into what any further compensation and benefits might be for those areas.  I'm told this is completely legal but I personally feel this creates an immediate conflict of interest (but that's probably just me being silly and overly protective for my city's best interests).

Singer Island (technically a small peninsula) is approximately 7 miles long and is divided by 4 municipalities including Palm Beach Shores, Riviera Beach, The Village of North Palm Beach and Lost Tree Village.  The City of Riviera Beach City portion of Singer Island is District 4 and represents a small slice of the peninsula yet residents and businesses within District 4 on Singer Island contribute somewhere between 42% and 52% of the entire annual operating budget of the City. I've also heard that Singer Island contributes 45% of property tax revenue (if you look below working from budget numbers ...that's a huge variance - with approx. 49mil year total budgeted for the 2013/2014 general fund ...and $27mil in property tax revenue - that's either in the 12.5 mil or 23 mil range). If someone can verify an actual percent, please send it in, so I can adjust and/or provide verifiable numbers/links in this. 

I think it'd be wonderful to overlay the percent of tax revenue for each of the 4 districts by district on an infographic. It'd be very interesting to look at average revenue by district (per person) and total spend per person (by district).  If anyone can send me any or all of those numbers, please do so and they will be included here!!

In terms of City Resource Allocations (who gets what, where, why, how and when?)let's start with a big one and over the next several weeks we can dig deep into this.  Let's begin by looking at the layout of the parks/facilities across the city (there is a very nice map below). Let's look at what the costs are, the revenues (if any) and then get a baseline.

Per the city website, there are 15 parks and recreation facilities in this wonderful little city of 34,000 people spread across just 8.3 square miles. 


I count 15 parks, 1 on Singer Island (it's important to note that Phil Foster Park and Ocean Reef on Singer Island, are Palm Beach County parks.  (Further note: they have each recently been protected by City of Riviera Beach Police resources. But is the city being fully reimbursed by the county for costs spent by these patrols and/or any associated overtime costs?)

Here is the break down of 15 City Parks/Facilities in our 8 to 9.8 Square Miles

Lone Pine Park - Canterbury off Military Trail
(Picnic Area, Tennis Courts, Playground Equipment)

Timber Pine Park - 23rd Street, west of Avenue "Z"
(Playground Equipment)

Congress Lakes Park - Essex Lane off Congress Avenue
(Picnic Area, Pavilion)

Barracuda Bay Aquatic Complex - Avenue "S" and Blue Heron Blvd.
(Activity Pool, Water Slides, Competition Pool)

Lindsey Davis Sr. Community Center - 28th Street and Avenue "R"
(A&C Room, Multipurpose Room, Computer Room)

Cunningham Park - 30th Street and Avenue "S"
(Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Horseshoe Pit, Walking Trail, Restrooms, Picnic Area, Playground Equipment, Pavilion)

Dan Calloway "Tate" Recreation Complex - Avenue "O", north of MLK Blvd.
(Football/Soccer Field, Baseball Field, Softball Field, Tennis Courts, Amphitheatre, Concession, Restrooms, Sand Volleyball, Fitness Trail, Gymnasium, Playground Equipment)

Monroe Heights Park - 25th Street and Avenue "M"
(Basketball Courts, Picnic Area, Pavilion, Playground Equipment)

Goodmark Park - 35th Street and Avenue "P"
(Basketball Courts, Picnic Area, Pavilion, Playground Equipment)

George Street Park - 5th Street and Avenue "H"
(Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Picnic Area, Pavilion, Playground Equipment)

Wells Recreation Complex - Blue Heron Blvd. and Avenue "H"
(Gymnasium with Weight Room, Football Field, Baseball Fields, Softball Field, Walk Trail, Tennis Courts, Racquetball Courts, Picnic Area, Playground Equipment)

Ben Flint Park - 29th Street and Avenue "H"
(Basketball Courts)

Jerry Schultz Park - 32nd Street and Avenue "F"
(Playground Equipment and Picnic Area)

Bicentennial Park/Marina - 13th Street and Avenue "C"
(Picnic Area, Pavilion, Water Taxi to Peanut Island, Marina Facilities)

Municipal Beach - Singer Island
(Guarded Ocean Beach, Ocean Mall and Boardwalk, Restrooms, Showers, Cabana Services, Sand Volleyball, Tennis Courts, Playground Equipment)

 Then there are also these facilities:

The Riviera Beach Marina (part of the CRA district and is leased for private development, a $22,000,000 tax bond was recently raised/borrowed by the City, with a large part of that going to street infrastructure repair for the Marina area).

Riviera Beach Public Library - a wonderful but often overlooked resource for the people of our city.

Riviera Beach Ocean Mall (leased for development but the property was foreclosed on a few years ago and is limbo, with only a few business still in operation.)

Various City Buildings (at the main city complex, a big one on the west side of town yet to be built out, and a few others)

Then there is also the CRA District, the Utility District, and we do have a Port that is interconnected in some ways, and later we can dive into the schools and other community boards/resources and related entities all within 8.3 square city miles.

But first, more coming very soon on the costs to build, maintain and staff each of these 15 Parks & Recs resources ...along with revenues that any might bring in, so we can have very clear numbers to review on a map of where these resources are allocated and who uses them.  If anyone out there has these number or has time to help me bring them together, please let me know. 

I think it would also be super interesting to overlay the tax paying residents and revenues (by district) in comparison to these expenditures.  If anyone has those numbers, please let me know!!  I'm sure they are all available by FOIA requests.

5.12.2015 - Here are some budget projections for the 2013/2014 fiscal year: http://www.rivierabch.com/filestorage/305/8815/CRB_TENTATIVE_BUDGET_FY_2013-2014.pdf   

These were the budgeted numbers,  next up we can take a dive into the actual numbers spent.

A few key points/snippets from this document:


Here's a flow chart of the City operations: Parks fall under "Leisure Services" - (See list above of what and where those resources are located):

Here are the budget projections for revenue and spend for our wonderful little community of 34,000 people
(with two prior years data):

Before we dive into the yearly spend on "Parks" ..Here are the budgeted yearly costs to the City for the City Council, Mayor AND their assistants (these were prior to voting in added stipends for health care which I believe took these numbers up $10+K per district (yearly!) in our city of only 34,000 residents.

So here are the 2013/2014 (budgeted) yearly costs for the parks (or those that are listed on the budget):


So these were the projected 2013/2014 budget numbers, for our 8 square miles and 34,000 residents.


Palm Beach International Boat Show Report April 6, 2015 :

 30th Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show Drew Huge Weekend Crowds

Show Organizers Report a Record Number of Boats on Display

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The 2015 Palm Beach International Boat Show, which took place in downtown West Palm Beach from March 26 to March 29, was the largest it ever has been, both in terms of exhibit space and the number of boats on display, with significant increases in megayachts and boats in the 40 to 60 foot segment, a sign of market strength that supports long-term industry growth. 

  • There were 626 boats on display in the water, including 66 yachts larger than 100 feet. The largest yacht in the show was the 200-foot Lurssen motor yacht, Aurora.
  • The number of boats in the 40 to 60 foot category grew 17 percent.
  • The number of boats on land increased nearly 20 percent, with a total of 400 boats ranging in size from 10 to 38 feet.
  • The number of boats on display in all categories was up eight percent.
  • With sunny skies and comfortable temperatures over the weekend, attendance was up 17 percent overall.


"Over the past several years, the Palm Beach boat show has become a truly international boating lifestyle event and a resourceful setting for people to do business and see what the industry has to offer," said Efrem "Skip" Zimbalist III, president of Show Management, the company that manages and produces the show. "We are always exploring new ways to expand and enhance the overall show experience, whether through physical layout changes or additional attractions and entertainment for people to enjoy. The show is well-poised for continued growth."


Attracting brands, buyers and sellers from around the world, the 2015 Palm Beach International Boat Show featured approximately $1.4 billion worth of yachts, boats and accessories from the world's leading marine manufacturers. In addition to the most respected American brands, the show included yachts from England, Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkey and China.


"The yachting business is an international business and we see clients at this show that come from around the world," said Robert Moran, president of Moran Yacht & Ship, a yacht brokerage and management company. "The Palm Beach Boat Show has developed into one of the major yachting events in the world, and accordingly, we bring some of our biggest yachts to this show. Everyone knows that Palm Beach is one of the true wealth centers of the world and the show works perfectly for us in terms of both sales and charters."


The show also is attracting many more shoppers from around North America.


"We are beginning to see a lot more boat buyers from all over the U.S. and Canada attend the Palm Beach Boat Show," said Tim Derrico, director of sales for HMY Yachts. "We sold around 10 boats at the show, along with several brokerage boats and trade-ins. We are working numerous other deals as a result of the show and expect the overall final results to be very good."


In addition to yacht brokerages, manufacturers and builders also leverage the show as a platform to reach consumers and foster industry relationships.


"The quality of prospective customers was positive and in addition to a lot of B2C action, we had the chance to develop serious B2B activity," said Alessandro Diomedi, Arcadia Yachts Americas Sales Manager. "One of our main goals is to expand our dealer network and the show provided a good platform for that, and, through collaboration with our current US-East Coast distributor, HMY Yachts, our strategic location at the show and marketing initiatives, which began at the 2014 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Arcadia Yachts now has developed consistent brand awareness among our audiences."


Several additions to this year's show contributed to huge crowds over the weekend, drawing many watersport and outdoor enthusiasts. The AquaZone entertained guests with live hovercraft, paddleboard and kayak demonstrations in a 40,000-gallon, freshwater pool.


"Every one of our divisions enjoyed record boat show sales," said Roger Moore, president of Nautical Ventures, which had several displays throughout the show including the new AquaZone drawing hundreds of people daily who came to watch the exciting demonstrations in a 40,000 gallon display pool. "Our partnership with Show Management has been a success and we're planning to bring the AquaZone to all future shows."


Swimwear fashion fittings were a huge hit at the Lands'End Getaway Tour, and IGFA School of Sportfishing seminars and youth fishing clinics presented by Hook The Future kept anglers of ages engaged throughout the show. Inaugural boat handling seminars and Tesla test drives were very well attended, and the show's free Come by Boat Dock was filled with boats every day.


"Through working with and listening to show exhibitors and the boating public, year after year we explore ways to deliver a more complete show experience to both buyers and sellers," said Brett Keating, vice president of marketing with Show Management. "We are always learning from attendees and exhibitors alike to make their show experience productive and enjoyable."


The show serves as the annual anchor event for the thriving Palm Beach County marine industry. According to a 2014 recreational marine industry economic impact study, Palm Beach County's marine industry had an estimated impact of more than $1.8 billion in gross output including $682 million in wages and earnings and an associated 18,220 jobs, up from 8,931 jobs in 2010. In 2013, Palm Beach County had 36,852 registered boats.  


The 2015 Palm Beach International Boat Show is owned and sponsored by the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County, Inc. (MIAPBC), managed and produced by Show Management, presented by Palm Harbor Marina and co-sponsored by Gosling's Rum, Yachts International Magazine, Smallwoods Yachtwear, GEICO, Budweiser, Land's End and The Palm Beach Post.


For more information visit ShowManagement.com, or call Show Management at 800-940-7642. Follow the Palm Beach International Boat Show on Twitter at twitter.com/boatshowupdates, tune into Boat Show TV at youtube.com/showmanagement, view the show's photo stream at Instragram.com/ShowManagement, and like the show on Facebook at facebook.com/PalmBeachInternationalBoatShow.



Thank You to our new Palm Beach County Inspector General John A. Carey, helping communities in our area move forward in a positive and efficient way...

To Report Fraud, Waste or Possible Abuse in Palm Beach County:

Some of the community issues, groups and articles to be covered here
(send in your scoop today and it will be shared!):

 The Singer Island Civic Associaton | COASI (HOA's and POA's ) | Citizens for Responsible Growth for Riviera Beach | Singer Island Rotary | Protect our Beaches Coalition | Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative | ...and More (send in your links and info!)

Riviera Beach Municipal Election

3.11.2015 - Congratulations to KaShamba Miller whom will be the new District 2 Council Person! 

The elections are over! This is a SMALL little community.  My dream is that we can all work together to get in the moment and work to put UNITY in this commUNITY.  One of the things I was taught (many years ago) as a firefighter was the importance of staying in the moment, while working an emergency situation.  It's never easy, but maybe if we can all stop looking backward, stop looking towards future elections or power struggles... maybe we get into the moment and start focusing on NOW (and looking out for each other).

Let's lead by example in keeping it civil and simple:  working together as neighbors,
residents and citizens ...to help us all move our wonderful little
area forward in safety, peace and prosperity! 

{ SIP's - is your free community news, events and island guide  ...for Singer Island Florida }



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